For High School Students

Graduating students: The 2022-23 FAFSA opened on October 1, 2021

Vist to complete it application if you'll be graduating in May 2023 or August 2023.

The ACT is still being used for placement in local colleges and universities.  It is also the ONLY measure other than courseload and GPA being used to determine TOPS eligibility. You still need it and you still need do well on it!  Visit to sign up 

Here's the link: 

If you need identification for entry into an ACT test, but don't have a school ID or driver's license, you can use ACT's Identification Letter Form:

Just see Mrs. Becky to have the form completed prior to test day.

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is the simultaneous enrollment of a student at both high school and college in which the student receives credit on both their high school and college transcripts for the same course. Students may enroll in college courses at local technical, community and/or four-year colleges. Students enrolled in a college course follow the college curriculum. 

With dual enrollment, students may begin accumulating college credits while still in high school, thus providing a smoother transition to college after high school graduation. Students also have the opportunity to complete college faster by earning college credits while still in high school.

Students must meet the admission standards of the college awarding the credit. Admissions standards vary between technical colleges, community colleges, and four-year universities. Contact Mrs. Becky Abukhader to discuss admission standards and other details regarding dual enrollment. 

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College Guidance Counselor:  Mrs. Becky Abukhader